Saturday, April 2, 2011

LED Display and Over-current Protection Ideas

I am considering buying an LED display for this project. It would be used to display the value of the PWM signal sent to the H-bridge, as a percentage (i.e. the duty cycle). This would be good because I wouldn't have to use the Serial port on my computer to monitor this value. This 7-segment, 4-character LED display from Sparkfun looks good:

There's a good tutorial here: on how to use it. This particular display can use both NewSoftSerial and SPI, but apparently there is a bug in the SPI implementation:

Over-current protection is still a problem. I need some sort of feedback. Implementing it will cost money. It's not that expensive (Sparkfun sells one:, but I'm running out of cash to spend. I'll probably have to settle for some auto-delay function when you switch directions, that will automatically slow the motor down before you apply counter-current.

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