Friday, April 1, 2011

More Nunchuk Action

Test code up and running. Speed control, braking, and direction switching coded. Motor is not yet hooked up. Direction switching will have to be idiot proof.

You should to decelerate to zero (or close to it) before you switch, or else the motor literally jumps. it's hard to guarantee this without feedback from the motor. For now a delay/deceleration time of 3 seconds has been coded in. The applied voltage is slowly brought down to zero, and then the motor freewheels during this time. This time should be set to the worse-case scenario (initiating a direction switch while going full speed), which will be determined when the motor is hooked up.

The Nunchuk is working fine. I did have a problem where it wasn't communicating with the Arduino for a while. I discovered that the Nunchuk adapter must be soldered to wires or a header for the connection to be reliable. For now I just use my fingers to hold the header to the adapter, but eventually it needs to be soldered together. I might have to order another adapter in case I don't solder it right.

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